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Airport High School

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Traffic Patterns For Morning Arrival to Airport High School and Wagar Middle School

In the name of safety we are making some changes to the traffic patterns in the morning before school.
1. From 7:00 AM until 7:30 AM the north entrance (Grafton) will be closed to all car traffic. Only buses will be allowed to enter that driveway.
2. All car traffic must enter and exit the south entrance (Grafton Rd.) and proceed to the appropriate area.
3. All parents dropping off Wagar students must do so in front of Wagar.
4. All parents dropping off High School students must do so at the lobby/gym entrance on the south side of the building then proceed back out the south entrance/exit onto Grafton.
5. All staff members must park in staff areas.
6. Do not drive or park on that grass at anytime (including to avoid speed bumps). Tickets may be issued to drivers that drive or park on the grass.

We will have personnel at the north and south entrance in the morning and afternoon to assist with traffic. Deputy Sotille will be at the south entrance to help with southbound traffic turning into the school.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.