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Guidance/Counseling » Transcript Request Procedure

Transcript Request Procedure


Checklist for College Application

All of the following steps must be completed before your

college application(s) will be accepted for processing:

  • Your Student Activity Sheet must be on file in the Counseling Office.  This form is provided by the Counseling Office.
  • Fill out a Transcript Request Slip (Blue form available in the counseling office) and turn it in with an envelope (addressed to the college/university) and any necessary documents.
  • The student’s portion of the college application must be completely filled out, signed and dated.  (The office will complete the application(s) and provide your transcript and test scores after you have turned it/them in)
  • A check or money-order made payable to the college/university for the amount of the application fee must be included with your application.  No cash will be accepted.
  • Applying on-line:  After you have submitted your application, a page should pop up informing you to take this sheet to your counselor for the purpose of mailing your transcript and ACT/SAT scores to the college.  If you apply on-line, please bring that sheet to the Counseling Office along with an addressed envelope. 
  • If you need a transcript to take with you to a college visit or scholarship application, please fill out the transcript request slip. 
  • Students may not pick up letters of recommendation or documents that require completion by the counselor.  Those documents must be mailed by your counselor.
  • Allow at least one week for your application to be completed and sent out.
  • Allow two weeks if your application needs a letter of recommendation from your counselor.
  • Online transcripts can be sent through Parchment.  Go to and create an account and within 2 days an online official transcript will be sent electronically to the college/university.    

When all of the above steps (application(s), addressed envelope(s), check, Student Activity Sheet, transcript request form) have been completed, please submit your paperwork to the Student Services secretary located in the counseling office (room 80). 


Can I request my transcript today and pick it up tomorrow or the next day?  No, allow at least one week for your transcript/two weeks for a counselor letter of recommendation.

Can I fill out a transcript without bringing an envelope?  No.  Your blue transcript request form must be turned in along with an envelope.

If my counselor has to fill out a form or write a letter of recommendation, can I pick up those documents and mail them myself?  No.  For confidentiality reasons, those documents must be mailed by the counseling department.    

Can my mom or dad call and get my transcript sooner?  No.  All students must follow the same procedure.

Will my ACT score be on my transcript?  YES!

How to address an envelope. 


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