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Marketing Classes at Tiger Game for Career Day

How To Participate

Steps for participating in a CTE Program 

10th grade     

            ►Research Programs:

                        Go to:
                        Click on: Career and Technical Education Program Information
                        Click on: Syllabus (for program of interest)

            ►’Shadow’ Program:

                        A counselor will come in to sophomore classes in December and talk
                        about CTE programs and give students an opportunity to visit 'shadow'
                        (with current CTE students) the program of choice.

            ►Interested students cannot be behind in credits.
                        Must have:
                                    5 Credits – December of Sophomore year 
                                    8 Credits – February of Sophomore year 
                                    11 Credits – June of Junior year
11th grade

            ►Register for program if credit qualifications are met. (Limited openings in some programs)