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Marketing Classes at Tiger Game for Career Day


College planning can be difficult not only for students but for parents as well.  For parents who need tips on sorting through the ins and outs of college planning.  ACT offers as an online guide to understanding the process

               SAT                                                                              ACT

no science section                                                 science reasoning section   

no trigonometry section                                         math sections include trigonometry 

vocabulary emphasized                                        vocabulary less important 

non multiple choice questions included                  entirely multiple choice  

guessing penalty                                                    no guessing penalty  

no English grammar                                              English grammar tested 

math accounts for 50% of your score                    math accounts for 25% of your score 

questions go from easy to hard (most sections)                  easy and hard questions mixed 

all your SAT scores reported to colleges               report scores only from the test 
                                                                                dates you choose