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Testing Out Policy


Public act 335, Section 1279B, of the State Code requires high school students beoffered the opportunity to “test out” of courses offered at public high schools.

Students must exhibit mastery of course content by scoring a grade of C+ (78%) or better on a comprehensive final examination. This pass/fail grade will fulfill graduation requirements for that class. Students may also be required to demonstrate mastery through basic assessments used in the class, which may include, but not be limited to, portfolios, performances, papers, projects and/or presentations.

Credit earned will be recorded on student records as “pass”. The grade will not be included in the computation of a student’s grade point average.

Credit will be accepted as fulfilling the requirement in a course sequence. Once credit is granted by ‘testing out’, a student may not earn credit for a lower course in that course sequence.

Students who register for this program must meet all time lines. Failure to do so can result in the partial or total loss of credit available for the class.

Students will be required to pay a rental fee for books and materials prepared for each class.

After the student has the results of the testing, it will be his/her responsibilityto contact his/her counselor to reschedule classes.

All “testing out” examinations for any class will be administered on either the January testing date or the August date. Students will be notified regarding specific times and dates.

Students must be aware that the timeline for this program, once announced, will not allow for late registration.