MCCC Steps for Dual Enrollment
  • Discuss the classes you are considering taking with your counselor, and check with the college to make sure the class will transfer.

  • Fill out a MCCC application (if you have not previously applied) and obtain a transcript with test scores (if applicable) from the Counseling Office and take both of these items to turn in when taking the Accuplacer Test (if required).

    If you have not taken the SAT or ACT test you will need to go to the college and take the Accuplacer Test.

  • ACCUPLACER TEST IS GIVEN AT MCCC, test dates and times vary

    For information phone: 384-4144

  • Visit → MYWEBPAL → Applicants and Guests → Course Schedule and check to see if the class is still open.

  • Complete a Dual Enrollment form and have your counselor and the principal sign it.

  • Turn the completed form into your high school counselor

Bring the final registration statement to the AHS Counseling Office after you receive it in the mail from MCCC. YOUR SCHEDULE CANNOT BE CHANGED WITHOUT THIS REGISTRATION STATEMENT BEING SUBMITTED.

In Order to Dual Enroll...

Effective April 1, 1996, Public Act 160 and Public Act 258 of 2000, created the Postsecondary Enrollment Options Act, commonly referred to as Dual Enrollment. This law directs school districts to assist students in paying tuition and fees for courses at Michigan public or private colleges or universities. The following are some of the eligibility guidelines:

  • You must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA

  • You MUST have a total of 6 classes per semester. The total number of classes cannot equal more than 6

  • Students must be enrolled in both the eligible school and eligible postsecondary institution during the local school’s regular academic year and must be enrolled in at least one high school course.

  • The college courses cannot be a hobby, craft, or recreation course, or in the subject areas of physical education, theology, divinity, or religious education.